We had a terrific time at the Mt Baldy Alpine Club’s snow carving competition this year. Thank you to Matt and Andy and the Baldy Mountain Resort team for creating the blocks of compact snow. Without their help we would not have been able to have this fun event.¬†according to the 12+ kids that carved over the weekend the entry by Jesse Baerg and Matt and Nick Crombie was the favourite.¬† Their Sword in Stone carving was really cool and a bit tricky to carve.

The weather over the three day weekend was absolutely perfect with crystal blue skies and lots of sunshine. It was idea for carving snow sculptures and having fun hanging out with friends and family.

baldy mountain resort snow carving 2018 sword and stone
There were a number of other great entries that included the Olympic Rings to honour our Canadian Athletes competing in Pyeongchang South Korea, The 3 Sisters Mountain Peaks and the Big Easy Chair. We Also had an entry from our friends at Osoyoos & Oliver Search and Rescue. Their Triangle Logo was almost readable.

We look forward to having another great event next year at the hill. Now that we have had the inaugural event we plan on hosting the event next year and let more people know that they can come up, enjoy the mountain dna have some fun carving huge piles of hard snow into amazing works of art.