Family Snow Sculpture Competition.
This family day long weekend we want to invite you all to a snow sculpture competition.
Here are some details:
  1.  Contestants need to see Jeff between 11 and 12 on Saturday morning in front of the snow sculpture area to register and pay their entry fee. An adult must be present to sign a waiver for liability please. You must carve carefully and respect other contestants.
  2.  You can carve your snow sculpture with appropriate tools like, shovels, rakes, machetes. etc. Please be careful with sharp tools. No power tools!
  3.  You can add water based food colouring to your sculptures if you like. You must provide all of your own tools and food colouring.
  4.  You can start carving at 1:00 PM on Saturday until 6 PM and Sunday morning up to 3 PM
  5.  Judging will be by a panel of young critics under the age of 16 at 3:30 Sunday
  6.  Prizes for the best 2 sculptures will be awarded immediately after the event on Sunday



Snow Carving Competition Mt Baldy