Exciting news about racing, FUN and a new addition to the club.  Our boarders and skiers participating in some fun events this past weekend.  Boarders raced down the 1st ever Baldy Beast Course and according to Coach Josh, all riders had a fantastic day at this new event.  Skiers were at Apex racing in the South Okanagan Nancy Greene Race with some fantastic results, see below.  Congrats to all who participated and had fun.

  Coach Peter had a lot of excitement as well.  He is a DAD for the first time, a 8.55 lb baby girl named Stevie born on Saturday, Congrats to the new mom and dad!


   Thank you to Coach Yanni, she is now going to have her knee repaired and will be out for the season from surgery.  She was so proud of the kids at the Nancy Greene Race.  It was an emotional day for her and she couldn’t have asked for a better day to end the season with the kids.  We wish you well with surgery and recovery.                 

Race results

2011                                                                        Girls 

Boys                                                                        2014

2nd Jonathan Zeisler.                                    1st  Adela Stewart

4th  Felix Van Geest.                                             2013

6th  Nate Michiel.                                           1st  Elana De Vries

Girls.                                                                         2012

1st  Este De Vries.                                            2nd Rio Galley

3rd Isla Gregorczyk.                                        4th Yuzuki Onishi

5th Cieena Fossett




4th  Hunter Maarhuis.                                                                                     

5th  Waylon Galley.                                                                                 


2nd  Aloe Kendrick




4th  Oliver Stewart


10th Joseleen Zeisler

11th  Montana Maarhuis

13th  Lachlynn Lemieux



1st  Cohen Salz

2nd Ari Kendrick

See you all Sunday, it could be cold, so dress appropriately for the weather.