Well, we are a getting closer to the zone finals on March 2nd and 3rd, but before we get there, we have a practice race day this Sunday.  The kids will be excited to race their parents on the Tennings this Sunday, our MBAC Family Fun Race Day.  It is a good opportunity for us to test out our timing, Jessie has been trained at the last Apex race, timing hut is in place and we encouraging you to race your kids.  Training on gate judging, slipping course, and going over the plan of attack is the other important part of this day.  We would like to have an AM and PM race Sunday.  The kids love racing their parents and I hope your up to it because these kids are looking great.  The kids love beating their parents!  

I want to thank everyone for getting prizes and preparing for this race.  Don’t forget we need cupcakes for each race day.  BMR is fantastic and we want this mountain to shine on the day of the races.  The last day of the program will be Sunday March 10th.  It is a fun day for the club with awards at the end of the day.  We encourage the kids to bring a friend that may want to join club next year on the final fun day.