Last year when we put on the South Okanagan Zone Race, it went well but we had room for improvement.  Their was confidence to take on a bigger race event and we did.  It could not have gone any better.  What’s different about Baldy, an event like this becomes a community event and that is why it could not have gone any better.  The people of Baldy take pride and support one another, very proud to be part of this community.

Baldy Mountain Resort was outstanding to work with, the club and the management of the mountain have developed into a very good team to get things done and look at what needs to continually improve on for events like this.  Thank you to Andy Foster(you rock), Matt(your awesome), Andrew, Kevin and Terry, Adam, lift attendants, groomers, patrol, the ticket office and staff in the cafeteria and bar.

The new parents in the club have stepped up to train with past parents in the club program, this is imperative for future events the club takes on.  Every parent in the club of 2019 now knows what it is like to be involved in a rock solid event because of your volunteer participation.  I do want to mention some key parents from this group that went above and beyond for weeks help make it happen.  Jesse Lemieux took on one of the most stressful roles in a race, chief of timing.  He trained at Apex and spent countless hours training for this position.  He is now mentoring another parent Angus.  Erika and Chad Maarhuis, Erika trained under Keri Pasin as assistant race secretary.  Chad has gone out of his way to get Bnetting and work the course set up and maintenance.  Orion Kendrick also working on course set up and maintenance to prepare for this race.  You all should be proud of this event, thank you to every parent of the Mt Baldy Alpine Club of 2019.

 The past parents, coaches, racers that stepped up to help out was outstanding.  I will mention some key individuals that we should always admire for showing leadership in the club.  Here we go:  Keri and Chris Pasin,  Michael Fenwick Wilson, Mark and Sherry Davison, Greg and Masako Myers, Jeff Baerg, Syglinde Klump, Mike Crowson, Sam Smith, and Kirsten Rauhala. Everyone of these people are passionate about seeing the club return to its past level of stability so our kids will never have to go to another mountain to train at the higher level.  Thank you, I respect you taking the time to come back and give your energy to this club and event.

Lastly, the villagers of Mt Baldy.  Can you believe it!!  Some never worked at a race, some don’t have kids, some are a lot older than you think :)  but that did not stop them from participating in this event.  Our Australians John and Margaret Giltrap, Roger and Lisa Schimek.  Marian Barber, Carolyn Gluckie, Al Poirier, with no race experience, and all participating for two days of volunteering.  These are great people.  Here is my list of volunteers, hope I have not missed anyone.

Course workers

Sat.                                                                Sun

Chad.                                                             Chad

Orion.                                                             Orion

Kyle.                                                                Kyle

Jared                                                              Randy

Danielle Todd (sunpeaks).                           Stuart Yanow(big white)

Angus Johnston.                                            Tyler Ferguson(Vernon)

Gate Judges

Saturday.                                                                   Sunday

Tom Zeeman.                                                            Brooke Munday

Olivia Galley.                                                             Matt Devries

Matt Devries.                                                            Jeff Van Gees

Brooke Munday.                                                       Jo Giesbrecht

Melanie Van Gees.                                                   Emma Flower (silver star)

Al Poirier.                                                                   Al Poirier

Carolyn Gluckie.                                                       Carolyn Gluckie

Marian Barber.                                                          Marian Barber

Jim Barber.                                                                 Miss Mel 

Laurie Hirtle (Sun Peaks).                                       Jeff Fletcher

Yolanda Fenwick Wilson.                                        Yolanda Fenwick Wilson

Shelley Couture                         

Cup Cake Cops

Tanja and Melissa

Timers- Rutka Salzova, Jason Michiel

Amazing Coaches:  Peter, Owen,, Josh and Yanni

Thanks you to all sponsors: Baldy Mountain Resort, OKAPED, Fresh Air Experience, Stay Tuned Sports, Delicious Japanese Bistro, Highland Logging Ltd., Miradoro Restaurant at Tinhorn Creek, Falcon Equipment and Tom Zeeman.  

I hope you all had a cup cake, because you made a lot of kids happy and so am I.


Paul Rauhala