Hi MBAC Parents

Our first club meeting is scheduled for Sunday Dec 15th at 11AM.  The hope was to do this at the lodge at Mt Baldy on opening day, however, they have pushed the opening to the 20th.  We will use the Oliver Search and Rescue Building for the meeting on Dec 15th.    Address is 5868 Cessna St in Oliver.   This is an important meeting, please attend so that we can update you on the season ahead for your children, meet the coaches, and fill important club positions. 

Below is the description of club positions.   If their is a position that you would like to fill, please email me with your choice.  As for the nomination process, if we have multiple people wanting certain positions, a vote at the meeting will be held.  If for instance, multiple people want to be the president, they can do a short speech to why they would be the right choice, then we elect. 

Club Positions and Responsiblites

As we are a small club, the tasks of each position is not something that requires huge hours in commitment,  possibly 2 to 4 hours or less a month usually from Oct to April.

The president position requires attendance at the spring and fall zone meetings, and BC Alpine meeting on behalf of the club.  The head coach usually attends theses meetings with the president.  Emails from BC Alpine and the zone usually require the attention of the president.  The president is also in attendance and directing all club meetings with their vision as to wear the club is moving towards in its objectives for that year.   Goal orientated person to keep the club on track to accomplishing yearly objectives.    It usually is a 2 year commitment.

  The Vice President is their to support the President at any meetings that the president cannot attend.  They are in training to be the President once their 2 years are up.  Sharing responsibilities in direction of the club Is a focus of the the Vice President.  They only attend meetings outside the club if needed and attend all club meetings.

Treasurer is responsible for all club book keeping and banking related responsibility.  This person should have some form of experience in accounting.   Addressing revenue, A/R(member account balance), invoicing, year end books, payment of bills and payment for monthly coaching expenses.

Secretary records all minutes at meetings keeping a proper record of club interaction and decision making.

Alpine Chair is a position for dealing with club issues the require disciplinary action, either parental or athlete related.  Liaise between the coaches and parents, being the middle person to provide effective communication in time of conflict.

Media relations is a position for communicating and promotion of club events using the club website, facebook page and instagram page.  This may require more than one person to also work with specific people in the club to use our media resources for recruitment.   Liaise with board members and coaches to update website content, and social media pages.  Send out general communications or announcements of upcoming events.

Registrar is responsible for registration of all programs and members into the skier and rider association directory.  Making sure all waivers are signed and submitted to the associations.  With any races or events attended by club, event registration for each member is required, such as waivers .  Updating and preparing registration site and answering emails.

Parent social coordinator helps with the coordination of our social events, fundraising.  It’s a fun filled position/party planner.  It may require an assistant depending on the size of the event.

Volunteer coordinator helps to organize list of parents to help coaches for equipment set up and tear down weekly.  Assist the parent social coordinator with fundraising efforts.  Address sponsorship programs for donation (solicit businesses, organization of fundraising events).


Paul Rauhala

MBAC President